A Day of Door-Knocking with Bill Cook

August 5, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm GMT-6
$149.00 per person
IRROC Office
(303) 805-5570

A Day of Door Knocking with Bill Cook 

  • Want to SEE how to get 8 out of 10 sellers to invite you in?

  • Want to SEE how to make a 4 to 8 written offers a day?

  • Want to SEE how to find motivated sellers who aren’t on anybody else’s radar?

  • Want to SEE what it’s like to get face-to-face with homeowners and sellers?

Spend the day with Bill Cook out knocking on homeowners’ doors.  No classroom theory here – it’s ALL meat and potatoes, face-to-face, real-world learning.

When it comes to knocking on homeowners’ doors, no one has more experience than Bill.  He’s been doing it for a living since 1972!


  • We will make between 4 and 8 written offers at homeowners’ homes
  • If a house has a realtor’s sign in the yard, we’ll knock on the seller’s door
  • If a house has a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard, we’ll knock on the seller’s door
  • If a house has a “For Rent” sign in the yard, we’ll knock on the “seller’s” door
  • If a house is in foreclosure, we’ll will knock on the homeowner’s door
  • If a house is vacant, we will knock on the neighbors’ doors to find the missing homeowner
  • Bottom line: Never find a reason to NOT knock on a homeowner’s door!
  • And here’s the best part: Every time a seller invites us in, we’ll make our way to the kitchen table, ask Pete Fortunato’s famous question: “Why are you selling such a nice house like this?” and construct a written offer!


  • If, FOR ANY REASON, you do not feel the day with Bill was worth YOUR VALUABLE TIME, then the day is FREE, no questions asked!

About Bill:

Bill and Kim Cook are a husband and wife real estate investing team.  They live on a horse ranch in Adairsville, Georgia.  They began investing real estate in 1995. Their investment portfolio consists of single-family rental homes, a small mobile home park, plus notes and options. They built their business square on the back of knocking on sellers’ doors. Their core belief is that real estate investing is not about buying, selling or renting houses.  It’s about helping folks solve their real estate problems. Bill wrote a weekly real estate investing newspaper column for 13 years.  To read them, go to CashFlowREI.com.

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