Privy Webinar

May 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm GMT-6
IRROC Office
(303) 805-5570

Privy Webinar 

You may have heard about a powerful new software platform called Privy. There are hundreds of investors using Privy Nation Wide to streamline their business, simplify their life, and help find and close more real estate investment deals.

This web-based tool brings you real-time data powered by the MLS — the same info your real estate agent uses — to help you find more properties, pull accurate comps, make smarter offers, and do more deals. Their system scours the MLS 24hrs a day to find potential deals and identify investor activity so you know what other investors are having success with and where the hot areas are. They just released a BRAND NEW VERSION here in Denver.

It’s like an MLS completely redesigned for the real estate investor community!

Here’s just a few things that Privy can help you do..

  • Find deals. You can have Privy automatically send you properties according to your own deal criteria — as soon as they hit the MLS.
  • Do accurate comps, figure out ARV. They’re critical for knowing what offer you can make (and still make money).
  • Analyze on- or off-market properties. Yes, even if a property is not on the MLS, Privy can help you determine if it’s a deal.
  • Find hot areas. Some neighborhoods get better, some get worse.  Privy helps you ride with the trend, not fight against it.
  • Learn from others’ “flips”. Privy shows you investor activity in your area with before-and-after photos, gross profits, timelines and more…

We’re hosting a Live Training Webinar with the guys who invented Privy on Thursday, May 25th, at 6:00pm. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level you won’t want to miss this event.

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